Curated Social Matching

Our team has spent the past decade socially matching members for individual collaborations and major cultural institutions.

A new way of matching

In collaboration with Moscow’s GARAGE Museum of Contemporary Art, we’re developing our own avant-garde matching algorithm to better connect our members with fellow creators around the world. Our goal is to create more reasons to collaborate and share among like-hearted creatives and changemakers.

Each year, we invite an artist to get offline with us for a few days and stay with a fellow creator in a foreign land. Together, we ask them to document in images and stories how they co-live and collaborate during their time together.

Read about the latest collaboration below.


Co-living collaboration with

@GABBOIS in Copenhagen.

This summer, our first invitation went to Montreal-based artist and instagrammer Gab Bois who came to visit us in Copenhagen for the CHART Art Fair (Aug 30-Sep 1, 2019).


Together with CHART, we made an open call (video below) for a local creator to host Gab on her first trip to Europe and to collaborate on a new work together!

From the collaboration

Asanisimasa Lait, a Copenhagen-based Russian/Colombian, working for an anti-hangover start-up (when not on her own creative projects) was selected to be Gab’s host. They talked. They ate. They drank. And they created this work about intimacy.

It made us think of how important tongues actually are for all sorts of great and meaningful reasons. Including talking, eating and drinking…

Intimacy (Copenhagen DK, 2019)

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