Connect with your colleagues around shared dinners and overnight stays.


A homestay network just for you and your collegues

Host and stay with your fellow Pleo’ers when travelling for work. You’ll reduce environmental impact, earn a little extra cash, and have amazing social experiences. 


Break bread with your community

Get together by sharing a meal. Join or host a dinner to get to know your fellow Pleo’ers, exchange stories and make new friends across teams.

Great things happen when we invite each other home. 


It brings us closer together

Opening our homes helps us get to know each other – forging unexpected connections, new friendships and mind-bending experiences.

It’s environmentally friendly

Staying in someone’s home can reduce emissions by more than 80% compared to a hotel stay.

It’s circular and community-owned

Pleo homestay hosts will be paid the fee that would otherwise go to a hotel or Airbnb. That way the funds stay within the family.


Dylan’s Trifle Pudding

Dylan’s Trifle Pudding

THE PLEO COOKBOOK Dylan's Trifle PuddingMy mom used to make it since I was a kid.Ingredients   Sliced cake biscuits (e.g. Oreo) Dried fruit (e.g. apricots)  Custard powder Milk Jelly...

Pleo Dinners are reborn!

Pleo Dinners are reborn!

May 2021: Pleo Dinners are reborn!London dinner crew with host Lucy and co-host Miia.fter a long hiatus, Pleo dinners are back and better than ever!  33 Pleoers broke bread and...

Pleo x Human Hotel: Inspiration Dinner

Pleo x Human Hotel: Inspiration Dinner

April 2021: Inspiration Dinner at the Human Hotel Studiohe new incarnation of Pleo Dinners began with a lot of ideas and inspiration being exchanged at our studio in Nørrebro....


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