Share something extraordinary

Open up your home (and heart) to overnight guests from your Pleo community, or stay in their homes when you travel.

It’s easy, social, sustainable, and built around your values.


Let’s reduce our impact on the environment
– together

Staying in someone’s home is one of the most socially and environmentally sustainable forms of accommodation.

You can reduce emissions by more than 80%compared to a hotel stay.

Unforgettable social experiences

There’s no comparison to the welcomes we receive from members of our own community.

Forge new friendships with your colleagues by sharing unique experiences together.

Humans, not hotels

Staying with each other ensures that we support the local area. We don’t expect homes to be a perfect hotel – it’s the openness that counts.

Let’s keep things amongst friends and support each other.

Join the community


Open up your your home to fellow Pleo’ers when they visit HQ in Copenhagen.

You’ll help reduce environmental impact and create amazing new connections. Plus you’ll earn a little extra cash; Pleo will pay you the fee that would otherwise go to a hotel or Airbnb.

Earn 450 dkk /night – plus priceless social experiences.


Stay with a colleague when you travel for work.

Staying with a Pleo’er will redduce your environmental impact by up to 80% and gives your friendly host a little extra $ to reward them for their hospitality.

Nobody knows a city like a local, and nobody knows Pleo like a colleague – there’s no better start to your new job.


Your Pleo colleagues