We all know that a great photo speaks 1,000 words - photos that show both the character of your home and of you.

So grab the best camera you've got and get ready to snap some shots that highlight the features of you and your space - all the while thinking of our quick tips below.


*take at least 1 image of where your guests will eat and sleep

You are the most important part of Human Hotel. Take a portrait (or selfie) of yourself in your space and include it in your photos.

Describing your work and projects are also important for attracting great guests you want to host.

So we encourage you to update your personal profile with a work description and visuals (photos, video links, etc.) you want showcased alongside your space.

Use your unique sense of style to arrange your home the way you want others to see it. Making it tidy makes it more spacious and welcoming.

Remember, Human Hotel isn't about being perfect, so don’t even try :) We hope you and your guests will share an authentic experience – so please make sure that the pictures align with your reality.

Take pictures of your space when the sun is high. Light captures the essence of your home and makes it shine on the screen.

To make it look its best, get as much natural light in as you can and turn all of your lights on too. If possible, focus the camera away from your windows, so that your camera doesn't adjust by darkening your space.

Remember, shooting from a corner is the best way to have a wide perspective of your space.

The “rule of thirds” (google it) is your friend for keeping a nice visual balance in your photos.

Take the opportunity to expose the most interesting parts of your home.

Choose your favorite spots (paintings, plants, vinyl collection, whatever you feel shows who you are) and share what makes you and your space unique!


Usually, it’s what’s inside that matters, but in this case guests love to see the outside too. Help give them a full visual experience of your home by taking photos of your backyard, terrace, street and even your neighborhood.

The best time to take outdoor pictures is in the late afternoon - early evening. The last hour of sun is preferred as it's soft and warm - helping to bring out all of the colors and shades. 



Photo Credits
Berta D., Jose E., Sixten K.N.