We've worked with hospitality from Dakar to NYC 

We partner with visionary organizations to accommodate their inspirational guests with quality hosts. We've matched and connected thousands of exceptional people all over the world and we're just getting started. 

Site Credits

Barcelona city page - Karla, portfolio link
Lisbon city page - Tomas, portfolio link
Helsinki city page - Anna, portfolio link photographer:  Atahuallpa Mejia
New York City page - Eric, portfolio link
Paris city page - Vanessa, portfolio link
Rome city page - Francesca, portfolio link (video)| Silvia, portfolio link (image)
Partners page - Patnership video with ARFF

Our Ambassadors


Urban Activist and Marketing Designer

Arto is the founder of Måndag and is on a mission to apply the laws of marketing to affect social and urban change. With more than 20 years of experience in traditional advertising, he is now focusing his skills on communication driven by open and participatory processes.


Help grow our community in your city and start receiving guests in your home and your friends'. Become an ambassador today by messaging us at ambassador@humanhotel.com.

Collaborators, colleagues and friends


Angora Collective (inspiring Berlin colleagues)

Anders Tjellesen (really solid carpenter)

Bruno (the Sasha Baren Cohen character)

Christian Skovbjerg Jensen (Danish curator that we owe a lot to)

Codeluxe / codeluxe.com (rocking Berlin design firm that has been very good to us.)

Danish Arts Council (many thanks for the funding we've received)

Elk Film / elkfim.dk (we share studio with these lovely people)

Fabian Marcaccio (great Argentinian painter we worked with in 2005)

Kraftwerket (Copenhagen non-profit that gave us our very first grant)

Katarina Gregos (Greek curator that we also owe a lot to)

Martha Wilson & Franklin Furnace (awarded us our first award)

Nathan Peters (wonderful painter, friend and Berlin host)

Per Hutner (Swedish madman curator that has brought us to from Haiti to the worlds highest bar)

Rae Wilson (former intern extraordinaire that has produced many of the images on this site)

Raw Material Company (run by wonderful Koyo Kouoh)

Ross Miller / decollective.com (Human Hotel programmer since 2012)

Russ Ratshin (Wooloo.org programmer since 2001)

SIGNA / signa.dk (exceptional performance group we collaborated with in 2009)

Superflex (Superflex.dk) (Danish art group with a fondness for orange and good ideas)

Trinity Session (South African collective we worked with on a piece in 2004)

Trouble.co (Copenhagen trouble makers and dynamite design incubator)

Yes Men / yeslab.org (powerful pranksters who did a piece for our first hospitality project during the UN COP15 Climate Summit. While being hosted by Martin in his Copenhagen loft.)


More people we love, and love working with

Alex Salzman, Adam Mezei, Alfredo Camreotti, Alfredo Jaar, Anders Lichinger, Andre Amtoft, Andreas Bastiansen, Anne Sofie Fogtmann, Aurelia Brida, Bernie Searle, Bjarke Myrthue, Carsten Höller, Casey Kelbaugh, Charlotte Bagger Brandt, Chen Xing, Chiara M., Christian Rattenmeyer, Christoffer Munch Andersen, Christophe Dolcerocca, Claire Bishop, Dana Kopel, Daniel Fairchild, Daniel Gomez, Daniel Mikkelsen, Daniel Wilson, David Rynch, Diana Bella, Elisabeth Rafael Kreutzfeldt, Erik Jensen, Espen Brandt-Møller, Fatema Abdoolcarim, Felis Stella, Fernando Garcia Dory, Francesca, Frederik Stege, Frederike Koshe, Gabriel LH, George Osodi, Giovani Sausalito, Giulia Nardelli, Gregor Wroblewski, Harvey Spieler, Ida Stjernholm, Irene Bernardi, Jens Louis, Jiatong Liu, Johan Walsøe Staureby, Josefine Posh, Juan Puntes, Judith Plodeck, Ka Wai Wong, Katazyna Pabich, Georgia D´amico, Katrine Dalsgaard, Katrine Klausen, Katrine Nørgaard, Kenneth Balfelt, Khaled Ramadan, Kultivator, Lasse Kusk, Laura Lisei, Laurel Jay Carpenter, Lillibeth Cuenca Rasmussen, Livia Sacconi, Maddy Sembler, Mads Uldall, Magnus Grisby, Magnus Sangild, Maj Kristainsen, Majken Overgaard, Maria Cecchi, Marianne Friis Vindahl, Marisa Olsen, Mark Sladen, Marta Parmigiani, Martin Boserup, Martin Fyrst, Martina Arruzzolo, Mathias Borello, Matteo, Melanie Gilligan, Melanie Polovski, Melena Bennet, Michela Peroni, Mikkel Iver, Mikkel Rosengaard, Minette Vari, Mirela Stanila, Nadia Hein, Nana Friis Madsen, Natasha Moskaleva, Nicolas Servide, Niels Egelund, Nis Gellert, Nora Giusani, Nuria Güell, ONN/OFF, Patrick Marckesano, Peter Munthe-Kaas, Peter Steen Nielsen, Phillip Eggersluss, Rasmus Sangild, Raumlabor, Regina Andersen, Richard Kielar, Rori Knudson, Sarah Lookofski, Sean Barger, Sergio, Shahab Ghanavati, Silvia Artidi de Castelvetere, Silas Harrebye, Stefan Kai Nielsen, Stephan Knuesel, Susanne Hau, Tania Bruguera, Tanja Ostojic, Tanya Ury, The Wa, Theis Hurtigkarl, Thembinkosi Goniwe, Thora Magretardottir, Todd Lester, Valeria Cordeo, Viola Hein, Viviana Druga, Wusel, Yane Calovski and we forgot some for sure.  


Institutions and spaces we've created works for

Artists Space (US), apexart (US), 55th Venice Biennial (IT), Urbane Kunst Ruhr, (DE). Kunsthalle Basel (CH), Van Abbe Museum (NL), HEART Museum of Contemporary Art (DK), 6th Momentum Biennial (NO), Manifesta 8 (ES), 4th Gothenburg Biennal (SE), 4th Athens  Biennial (GR), The Third Guangzhou Triennial (CN), Newtopia (BE), Copenhagen Art Festival (DK), 3rd Ghetto Biennale (HT), Steirischer Herbst Festival (AT), Kunsthal Charlottenborg (DK),  Raw Material Company (SN) & NikolaJ Kunsthal (DK).