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Back in school, in the days before Facebook (and even Myspace), we had the idea to create a social network for matching artists with exhibition organizers. This became Wooloo.org

2004 – 2008

Over the next few years we experimented with Social Sculpture art in Europe and the US – from offering people a ‘new life’ at our Berlin shop, to getting strangers to swap lives in NYC.


Then came the UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen where we helped 3,000 activists find housing by matching them to local hosts. The seed that would become Human Hotel took root here.

(Here’s a Peruvian shaman conducting a ritual for Mother Earth with her Danish host)

2010 – 2015

We brought hospitality into our social art practice. Curating a ‘Non-visual Residency’ for the Manifesta 8 Biennial: Visually-impaired locals collaborating with artists. The City of Copenhagen hired us to create a 3-year program connecting visiting creatives with local hosts.

2015 – 2018

We left the art world and entered the real world: focusing full-time on Human Hotel to build connections between traveling creatives and change-makers and enrich local communities – not professional landlords and hotel companies.


Returning to our origins, in the Climate Movement we moved to Santiago, Chile to create a homesharing network for activists and indiginous climate defenders for the COP25 UN Climate Conference.

2020 – 2021

Whilst COVID-19 kept us from traveling and meeting each other, we spent our time reinventing what homesharing could mean. We launched a dedicated homesharing platform for the Climate Movement and the COP26 in Glasgow, and will continue to deliver customized platforms to communities and enterprises. Hosted by and for comrades and co-workers.