MONIKA, Visual Artist

Artistic  •  passionate  •  installation   •  animation  •  abstraction




1 Guest max.
Responds within 24hrs.


My apt is in Williamsburg, 5 mins to Marcy Av and 10 to Bedford Ave and same to metropolitan ave stations, it is full of light on the fifth floor and it is filled with real artwork that I have either traded or collected, you will be sharing the space with a filmmaker in her early 40's.

Absolutely no smoking and no parties, this is a perfect place for someone who needs a very comfortable space to sleep and stay and only needs to bring her suitcase.



✓ Wi-Fi
✓ 1 Daybed
✓ No smoking allowed
✓ No pets allowed
✓ Towels
✓ Hairdryer


I travel the world exhibiting my own artwork. Love a good joke.

I examine the notion of perception by questioning whether the world we live in, is but a mental construction; my artistic practice is used as a tool to decipher the laws that govern the world I live in. With this inquiry, I create objects by incorporating still, moving images, sound and interactivity to generate situations where I can materialize and communicate my emotional state.

I want to challenge the audience’s own perception of what they consider real by generating a platform where they are induced to connect by exploring, interacting and at times by focusing on an object-place-scene for a duration of time in a manner that is both meditative and investigative. 


TESSERAE, 2017. Projectors, media players, wood, colored paper, installation view

Curated by Octavio Zaya

Arising from her ongoing research on color and rhythm, Monika Bravo’s new works place us in an abyss pulsing with vibrating waves of energy, where readability and meaning remain elusive. After Bergson’s understanding of time and his concept of duration --which differentiates between the time that we measure in intervals and the time of our experience--Bravo aims for an interconnected sense of unity between space and time through an understanding of our mind´s cognitive structure...


Monika Bravo’s URUMU [WEAVING_TIME], 2014 is a video installation that rapidly envelops the viewer in textile. Intermittently, across three walls (the entirety of the viewer’s field of perception), “threads” shoot up and down creating a virtual warp. At the same time and with the same irregular rhythm, weft “threads” move left and right, creating a weave. The resulting graphic “woven” image appears to constitute a text written in an unknown foreign language. As the weaving process continues, the graphic image of the pattern slowly fades into a video that at the end reveals a view of an undetermined location, seemingly devoid of the faces of human beings...