Coming World Meetings

Humanizing (art) world gatherings

Photo: East of Elsewhere

Coming World Meetings is a traveling social sculpture inviting visiting and local creators to live together during selected cultural events.

Touring through a range of different cities and contexts – from art fairs to tech festivals and environmental summits – Coming World Meetings brings together creative and visionary humans to co-live in private homes and explore real-life scenarios for our collective future.

The project invites locals in Berlin, Copenhagen, Dallas, Moscow, New York and Oslo to open their home to a curated guest during a prominent cultural event in their city. Each host will be paid for hosting and, together with their guest, asked to document in images how they co-live and relate to specific questions around the future of ‘sharing’.

Starting off simultaneously at an environmental summit in Dallas (US) and the Gallery Weekend in Berlin (DE), Coming World Meetings asks us to question why we gather and what we are willing to share.

Can art fairs bring more to town than a shopping spree of beauty?

How do we create urban and social spaces that nourish co-creation and solidarity rather than individuality and ownership? 

As creators and humans, how do we keep on sharing and collaborating despite being poised against one another by a neoliberal agenda of competition?

Coming World Meetings is a playful call for ideas on how to share our world – all the while sharing our private homes.

Coming World Meetings is organized by Human Hotel in collaboration with Garage Museum of Contemporary Art for the exhibition “The Coming World: Ecology as the New Politics 2030-2100” in Moscow. Selected human meetings and their resulting visual documentations will be exhibited at GARAGE from June to December 2019, as well as through various online and print channels.

Human Hotel is an artist-run home-sharing community on a mission to maximize meaningful meetings and critical conversations during human gatherings.

How to participate

  • Hosts will be paid for hosting a guest(s).
  • Any host with a living room, guest room, entire home or residency can participate.
  • Guests and hosts will be personally matched together by Human Hotel curators.
  • Guests and hosts will together be asked to document their meeting/conversation visually.

    Events & Deadlines

    Earth X Dallas—April 19-28

    Host registration deadline: April 3
    Guest registration deadline: April 10

    Gallery Weekend Berlin—April 26-28

    Host registration deadline: April 3
    Guest registration deadline: April 19

    Frieze Week New York—May 2-5

    Host registration deadline: April 7
    Guest registration deadline: April 24

    Katapult Future Fest Oslo—May 14-16

    Host registration deadline: April 7
    Guest registration deadline: April 24

    CHART Art Fair Copenhagen—Aug. 30-Sep. 1

    Host registration deadline: July 1
    Guest registration deadline: July 15

    GARAGE Moscow—Sept. (dates TBA)