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I look forward to welcoming you!!



300 DKK/night

300 DKK/night

Maximum 2 guests
+300DKK pr. extra gueat

Responds within 24hrs.


My apartment is wide and bright with high ceilings. It is a charming classical style apartment.

The room you will be stay in is the living room (unless you are couple, then you can have my queen size bed ;-) in the bedroom) I will make sure to create a lovely space for you in the living room with a partition wall, so you can have your own private space an relax on your own.

The Apartment: With a total of 84 m2 it consists of a bedroom, a living room, a great kitchen and a big bath room with bathtub and a wash machine and a clothes dryer. 
My apartment is decorated with drawings, posters and small art pieces from all over the world and a huge bookshelf. 

The Block: It has a courtyard where you can eat and BBQ during the summertime. There is an elevator and the apartment is located in the heart of Copenhagen. The apartment is also 100 meter from the Metro Stop FORUM and  4 minutes to the nearest grocery shop. 

The Hood: 
Nørrebro: This area becomes a lot more trendy over the last 10 years. You will find a good mix of hipsters and immigrants, bars and shopping. 
Vesterbro, Værnedamsvej: Grea shops, breakfast cafes and much more. 



✓ Wi-Fi
✓ Clothes washer

✓ Clothes dryer
✓ Towels
✓ Hair dryer
✓ Wheelchair accessible
✓ No pets allowed
Ironing set
✓ Child friendly


Hi there, my name is Lotte.

I enjoy my life in Copenhagen, but can be quite restless sometimes, which is also the reason why I love to travel and why I´m always hungry to learn more and to meet new faces :-)

I love to eat good food, to drink nature wine, to go to exhibitions, to concerts, to meet new people and to have interesting or funny conversations. I also like to read and I´m quite interested in music and art. 

What I do for a living: I am responsible for a creative influencer department at a danish advertising agency called MBA

Influencers can bring a brand or a product to the eye level and expose the user/target for it in an authentic way. (much better than many "advertising bosses". 

My job is to develop a creative framework running a campaign, which allows the influencer have some kind of artistic freedom, whether we are talking about a chef / foodblogger, a writer, an actress, a singer, a model or a sports star.

I also do press events. Like exclusive dinners, special Gala Premieres an so on. 

In addition, I do the strategy work and look at how we get it rolled out in the best possible way, together with rest of the team. 


JACEK ✭✭✭✭✭

 " Lottes' place is central location at Copenhagen!! You can reach on foot everywhere very quickly. House is full of stuffs for inspiration. There are city guides and maps as well. She is very friendly, helpfull and kind. Just good soul! Thanks"