Human Hotel was born as reaction to the lack of affordable housing options for the activist community attending the COP15 UN Climate Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

Under the slogan “New Life Copenhagen”, a group of artists set up an informal host network to accommodate the many climate activists and NGO workers that couldn't afford Copenhagen hotel and rental prices driven up by the high demand.

The local host network grew in size throughout the year and when the UN Summit hit town in December 2009, we managed to accommodate more than 3,000 climate activists with local Copenhageners. Completely free of costs for the guests.

(In retrospect, it’s interesting to note that this was around the same time that Airbnb first started their business in the USA - by setting up three air mattresses in their living room and charging $80 a piece.)  


Following the success of our first Copenhagen hosting experiment, we began to help other visionary and creative events connect with local hosts for their participants. First in Copenhagen and then around the world. As the word got out, we gradually moved into collaborating with more established and larger-scale cultural events and institutions. We also began to be more aware of our curatorial role when accepting and selecting our participants to create more interesting human matches. 

We continue to apply this knowledge in our development of Human Hotel, while also respecting the fact that our members are their own best curators. Our main curatorial job at this moment is to make sure everyone accepted into our new community structure is doing interesting work in their respective fields. 


Today, we are a growing community of creatives and visionaries hosting and renting out to each other in 25 major cities across the world.

Our members need to earn money to support their life and work, so while we still enjoy some hosts who accommodate other members for free, the large majority of our host community is charging the guest a price. A community price, however, that is always a bit below what one could charge on the mainstream market for homestays and rentals.

In exchange, our hosts avoid the hassle of dealing with the demands of random tourists, as well as the rating regime of other platforms that is effectively turning homes into hotels.


Our community ethos of friendly pricing and more relaxed hosting is very important to us, because - as we learned in Copenhagen at the very beginning of this journey - the market is simply not smart enough on it’s own.

The market does not necessarily support the folks making this world a more fun, fair and resourceful place. So we have to support each other.

Establishing Human Hotel as an intelligent user-driven mobility platform is our main mission these days. But when the accommodation part is working like magic, we look forward to dive deeper into new experiments with the forms of social and professional interaction avilable to our members.

We promise you - this is just the beginning.