SALOME, Artist & Designer

Relational aesthetics  •  narrative identity  •  history reality  •  consciousness  •  research  •  happiness





Responds within 24hrs.


Private guest room located right in the center of Lisbon, 5 min walking to the castle.



✓ Wi-Fi
✓ No smoking allowed
✓ Towels
✓ Hair dryer
✓ Wheelchair accessible

✓ Includes pets (dog)


Salomé works and lives in Lisbon, Portugal. 
MA in Communication Design, University of Lisbon.
She studied painting in Venice, Academia di Belle Arti, video at the Ar.Co School of Visual Art in Lisbon and Curatorial Practice at the School for Curatorial Studies, Venice. PGDip. in Institutional and Pedagogical Applications of Art Therapy, at Portuguese Society of Art Therapy, Lisbon and PGDip. in Curatorial Studies and Contemporary Art, University of Lisbon. Founder and director at the ME108 cultural space.

Her professional activity began in Italy (Milan and Venice), where she worked as a graphic designer and an illustrator. As the art director of westzone publishing she developed several editorial projects with contemporary artists including Nan Goldin, Richard Serra, Dennis Hopper, Wolfgang Laib and Brice Marden. As part of her training as an art therapist, worked with mentally disorder patients, in thematic projects directed to integration in society, self-knowledge and personal grow. 
I am interested in exploring interpersonal relationships and the way relations of different orders are established.  
I always wonder. 
How can I help?
What value can I bring to the world?

‘The content of my work can be everything that happens, life itself, issues and situations, feelings, ideas, relations and other material and objects from the real situations collected on my daily life. By manipulating this material through the creative process, using all kind of medium - drawing, painting, collage, encaustic, photography and video footage - I dissect, reinterpret and reintegrate new meanings into the situations. This works function as indexes, signifying my presence and consciousness in a specific space and time. I am interested in exploring the concept of history, biography, memory and document. 
In my recent work approach, ‘timeLine project_inSitu’, I am focusing in the complete presence in the moment, documenting the daily situation in interaction to others. I want to promote self awareness, personal value and public participation by creating a collective work in full presence and dialogue with each other.’

Salome Nascimento investigates her personal biography and the concept of identity, personal archive and memory. she is interested in exploring relative reality and the way history is created. 
She considers art as a problem solving tool, contributing for integration of the multiple aspects of the self and its relation with the external world. 
Her body of work encompasses painting, encaustic, photography, video and installation.
Works held in private collections in France, Italy, USA and Portugal.