JAN, Architect

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Welcome to an experimental living concept in Berlin Moabit!




1 week minimum stay
Responds within 24hrs.


Mobile house experiment on 13m2 built from an old grain silo and many re-used materials. You will be living in a working example of mobile vertical architecture in public space. This is a first prototype for a new way of minimal solution, low-cost, energy-saving, and small footprint housing!

After successful living in the silo house myself for 3 years here in Berlin, we are now accepting guests to live in the silo for stays of at least one week on the grounds of the ZKU Centre for art and urbanistics in Berlin Moabit. Shower and toilets are found in the ZKU building across the lawn. In the winter, the silo is heated by a wooden stove.. 




Jan is - together with his co-founder Denis - the creators of Refunc. Refunc works in the realm of architecture, art and design. Their material-based approach often sees them solving problems by giving new life to old materials.


Gabrielle ✭✭✭✭✭

"While Jan is a wonderful host and made every effort to make sure I had what I needed for my stay in Berlin, being a silo dweller is a challenging lifestyle experience that might not appeal to everyone. 
Vertical living - which included steep steps up to the silo entrance and a literal climbing wall to access the sleeping loft inside - is not your usual living situation.
However, I found it very comfortable and actually decided to extend my stay an extra month I liked it so much. I had everything I needed to live there - all within easy reach since there's very little floor space. The silo naturally stayed cooler than outdoors in the summer months and and warmer during the cooler nights. It is fully equipped with a radiant heat floor and even a tiny woodstove for when it gets very cold. Jan and his daughter lived in the silo for 3 years! 
Although the toilet and shower are no longer installed in the silo, visitors use the facilities in the main building - a former train depot that currently hosts an international artists residency - the inconvenience is offset by the fact that you can enjoy total privacy in the silo with the ability to make your own meals in the tiny kitchen rather than use the shared kitchen in the main house (although there is that option too).
I enjoyed the very unusual dynamic of being able to engage with the artists in residence, the many visitors to the ZK/U events and regular park visitors from the richly diverse neighborhood, while also being able to return to my cocoon-like space whenever I wanted.
If your research/interest includes how public and private spaces merge, this provides a great opportunity to see and experience it yourself."