IDA MARIE, Architect & Artist

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300 DKK (€40)/night

Responds within 24hrs.


The Room: its spacios with a sleeping couch that is perfect for both one or 2 persons. its faced south so sunny and bright. there is a big road outside but the windows are strong. 

The Apartment: With a total of 73 m2 it consist of 3 rooms, a great kitchen and a small bath room (been nominated the smallest by a Australian architect- friend ) its decorated the mostly my own drawings and small - art installations. There is the opportunity to borrow my studio-room of you need to work doing the day or you need to tracing-paper, a ruler or something architecture related. 

The Block: Is a famous among architects, it made by Kay Fisker in 1923, its listed and one of the best examples of Neoclassicism. Its has a wonderful courtyard thats the size of a park. Thats also listed and made by G.N. Brandt a Danish Landscape architect. the side of the road is very urban. There is a 10 min walk to the metro and many different buses. 

The Hood: This area have become a lot more trendy over the last 5 years. You will find a good mix of hipsters and immigrants, bars and shopping. 

Me: 31 year danish architect, working in the city center, always with my bike and i drink my coffee black. I rarely drink alcohol but if i had a 30 min nap doing the day i can dance all night long. I enjoy talking about art, nature-politics and then i tend to laugh alot. 



✓ Wi-Fi
✓ Hair dryer

✓ Towels
✓ No smoking allowed
✓ No pets allowed



I am a graduate architect of the Academy of Arts and Sciences, specializing in strategic urban planning and landscape architecture. My approach is with a reflective pragmatic look. I am looking for simple-holistic approaches to the past, present and future challenges in cities and landscapes. Unfortunately, something is beautiful is not enough for me. It should change a state of mind, give a break, maybe make people think about it.

My personal and long-term vision is to promote the open society, of quality of life, regardless of the weight of the wallet and with the awareness that we have only one earth.

Parallel with drawing work, thoughts and ideas are processed - free and artistic. In 2017 I work with fragments, time and social constellations. From time to time I teach in freehand drawing, concept development and architecture.

International and visionary architect, worked in Denmark, Berlin and Japan. I have a great interest in Planning, Environment and Social Public Spheres. Along studio work engage in a private artistic research, in 2017 Time, Fragments and Social exchanges



"Staying with Ida Marie was great! She explained in a detail how to get to her office to meet her and later on got me some tipps around Copenhagen, she is very interesting and welcoming person! She also showed me her district and shared her own perspective on sharing economy that am researching in Copenhagen! That was amazing!"