Universal guidelines

Your new experiences are designed to bring you and your colleagues together over a dinner table or an activity, creating the opportunity for you to get to know each other better, have fun, genuine laughter, and interesting conversations. Dining and doing activities together allow us to connect on a deeper and more personal level.

Equality &

Everyone comes to these events as equals.

So, leave your job title and professional side at the door. Invite your authentic self to be together with your colleagues.


People come from different cultural backgrounds – with different ethnicity, gender, religion, sexuality or ability. 

Please try to always stay respectful, empathetic and open-minded, and if you don’t know how to behave or what to say, simply ask.


These experiences are meant to make connections happen. Thus, everyone needs space to share their thoughts, opinions and feelings, but don’t put any pressure – sometimes people need extra time to open up.

Be mindful of sensitive topics. We want everyone to feel comfortable, relaxed, and safe.

Respect for dinner hosts

Feel at home when you visit your colleagues, but remember to respect the host and their place. Be aware that the host might have their unique home rules and they might ask you to respect them.

Be careful not to spill or break anything. Show respect to the housemates and neighbours by trying not to make too much noise.


Events are shared experiences for everyone attending, which means that you co-create them together.

There is space for your ideas and initiatives, but it’s a group effort. Please leave the space in a similar condition as you found it.


Remember that when you sign up, your colleagues are counting on you to join, especially if they’re hosting you for dinner.

Of course, life happens, but make sure to cancel some time in advance if you know you can’t make it.


Please keep an eye on the time frame your host set for the evening – and make sure to arrive and leave on time.


To make it clear – the events are sponsored by your company. The budget is set for every attendee and it is your decision how you spend the budget.


It helps break the ice, no doubt about it. But please, be aware of your limits when it comes to alcohol consumption.

Have any questions?