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The COP26 Homestay Network

Support the climate justice movement by hosting the fantastic folks coming to COP26 Glasgow 1st – 12th November

COVID-19, Fire, and Personal Safety: Public health and the safety of our communities is our primary concern.
All guests and hosts must follow Scottish law and follow our safety guidelines.
Read our updated, final policies here.


Host a climate justice guest

Opening your home (and your heart) to an international network of visiting activists, scientists, and policy makers is one of the most impactful ways you can contribute to the movement.

It’s easy to sign up, simple to use, and makes a huge impact:


Stay in affordable and sustainable housing

The COP26 homestay network is one of the most environmentally-friendly and affordable accommodation solutions in Glasgow during the UN Climate Conference.

Indigenous Peruvian shaman at the home of her Human Hotel host in Copenhagen, 2009 – COP15.

What we do

The COP26 homestay network allows people in Glasgow and the surrounding areas to offer space in their private homes as overnight accommodation for visitors from the climate justice movement during the COP26 conference. Visitors to the COP26 can then book and stay in these spaces.

Through this homestay concept, we hope to start more conversations around the climate emergency, foster connections between the movement and local communities, and be able to offer affordable accommodation to those who need it most.

Who we are is an independent and self-contained homesharing community for the climate justice movement. It is created by Stop Climate Chaos Scotland and the COP26 Coalition in partnership with Human Hotel for COP26.

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland is a civil society coalition who have been campaigning together on climate change since 2007. We have over 60 members including environment NGOs, community groups, development charities, unions, and faith and belief groups. Climate Fringe provides a platform to share events and connect around Climate Change and COP26 – built by SCCS.

The COP26 Coalition is a civil society coalition made of groups and individuals from a range of constituencies in Scotland and the rest of the UK, including trade unions, direct action networks, climate justice groups, environment and development NGOs, faith groups, youth, migrant and racial justice networks.

Human Hotel is a homesharing community that strives to build real human connections. We began life by finding housing for over 3000 activists in Copenhagen for the COP15 in 2009.


Find answers to some of the more frequent questions about the COP26 Homestay Network here and in our customer support area.

What measures are in place to ensure the safety of those taking part in the network as hosts and guests?
We take safety and security of those taking part in this network incredibly seriously. We will do as much as possible from a third-party standpoint to help ensure users stay safe while using the network by providing safety training and information (user preparedness), and by facilitating trust between users through profile building and verification (trust-building). The Homestay network platform has been designed to allow communication between hosts and guests ahead of the stay and we encourage people to chat ahead of accepting bookings, or making bookings and then to set up a zoom or other online face to face conversation ahead of COP26.  
We verify participants in the network via bank details and encourage people to upload further ID to the platform. We have a helpline set up that will be in use during COP26 for users of the platform to raise any worries and concerns and the Human Hotel team are available online for queries ahead of COP26.

Whilst Human Hotel has built up considerable experience and expertise ensuring the safety of users on their public platform, have created an additional set of safety and safeguarding policies and procedures to ensure that this platform is as safe as it can be.

Read our full safety guidelines and requirements here.

How can we minimise the risk from COVID-19?
We recognise that this initiative is coming in a global pandemic and not long after the end of an extended lockdown in Scotland. With this in mind we have some recommended guidelines (including ventilation, hygiene measures and mask wearing) for hosts and guests to minimise covid risk as much as possible. We also recommend that hosts and guests arrange a zoom call or similar in advance of the stay to discuss and agree what you would feel comfortable with regarding covid as well as to meet each other and chat about other practicalities of the stay.
How do I ensure fire safety?

Please read our Fire Safety Guidance in order to ensure that everyone stays safe.

How can ensure my personal safety?

Please read our Personal Safety Guidance in order to ensure your safety when using the platform. 

I don't have a spare room, can I still get involved?

Absolutely! You can list a couch or crash space for those who are comfortable sharing space.

What if COP26 is postponed again or moved online?


The UK Government has repeatedly stressed that it is committed to hosting an in-person COP in Glasgow in November 2021, despite rumours about it being postponed again due to the ongoing Covid pandemic.


If the COP is postponed again, the COP26 Coalition and Stop Climate Chaos Scotland would work together to make sure that the Homestay Network can be used for the new COP dates. If the conference is moved online, the COP26 Coalition and SCCS would decide how the Homestay Network would be best used to support our aims of climate justice and strengthening the international climate movement.

What are the terms and conditions?

We keep things simple and straightforward for our guests and hosts. Read further our full Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

What will happen to my account/data after COP26?

It is our hope that will continue beyond COP26 and live on as a sustainable, affordable homestay network for the climate justice movement. If you do not wish to be a part of this after the conference, then you are of course free to delete your profile, and your data will be removed too.

What's the difference between and is the specially designed COP26 Homeshare Network. It has been set up as a collaboration between Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, the COP26 Coalition, and Human Hotel to cater for activists coming to Glasgow for the COP26 climate conference in November 2021. is the original Human Hotel platform – ‘a curated community for like-hearted humans to share homes and connect.’ It offers its users the opportunity to host and stay with each other around the world.

I want to support the Climate Movement but can’t host over COP, how else can I get involved?

There’s lots of ways to get involved with the activities in and around COP26 in November 2021, from stewarding at mass mobilisations to organising events. Please visit the COP26 Coalition’s website and the Climate Fringe to view some of the current opportunities.

Why are there booking fees even though the hosts are free?
  • The aim of creating the Homestay Network website was not just that it would be useful for COP26 but that it would become sustainable in the long term and able to support climate/social/environmental actions and meetings anywhere in the world through home sharing.
  • In order for this to happen it needs to be on a sustainable footing, covering its costs which would mean a platform charge for each booking. 
  • The costs of the setup and management of the platform for COP26 were covered half by fundraising by SCCS and half from Human Hotel, with the plan that this would be raised from the fees at booking
  • At present the platform charge is $5 per night for those booking and at the present time around half the costs covered by Human hotel have been raised by this charge
  • Any money raised over and above the initial target will go to supporting and subsidining the platform for the next COP, or other meetings and gatherings going forward. As the platform moves towards sustainability with more bookings coming in, the per-night charge will be able to be reduced.
  • If there is a need for waiving the fees then that is something that is possible. Human Hotel are keen to ensure that no one is excluded on the basis of the platform fee and so are working on a solution to make that part of the information for those booking.

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