Community Guidelines

Traveling with Human Hotel

Schedules and socialising

Whenever relevant, sharing schedules before arrivial is the best way to adjust any guest/host expectations for socializing – or not.

You might be very busy on one trip, while having more time to hang out on another. Just talk and it’ll work out nicely.

Social connections

The social potential of this community is what excites us the most. Humans. Not hotels.

If your host is not around or you would like to meet with other members in town – just email us and we’ll send you some recommendations for people to meet and events to attend.

Your host is supporting you

Your host could charge more on Airbnb but has chosen to support you and this community with friendly prices.

Please respect this wonderful gesture. Treat your host with the same generosity and friendliness and you’ll both have a great experience.

Leave no trace

We don’t allow professional landlords. All our hosts live – and sometimes work – in their space. Pay your respect by always following house rules and replace everything you use unless specifically told otherwise.

Please leave no physical trace. Nobody wants to carry out your garbage.

Friends don’t check-out

When it’s time to leave, we’re not fans of the word “check-out”. It’s dehumanizing and we never use it in our own communication.

It’s entirely up to you and your host if you want to use it of course. Just saying.

Offset your carbon footprint

As a travel-based company, we’re very aware about the negative impacts air travel can have on our home planet. And with knowing that fact, we’d like to share with you some optional resources below in case you’d like to help offset the CO2 emissions from your trip:

1. Calculate your trip’s CO2 emission amount here.

2. Offset your emission by donating to a project at WWF Gold Standard, Cool Effect or other.

3. Help move us towards a safer climate and sustainable world.

*$10 USD = avg. cost to offset 1 ton CO2 (~1 round trip)