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A sustainable homesharing community built by and for the climate justice movement


COP26 host Andy and his three guests, Glasgow, 2021

Host an activist – support the movement

Open your home to like-hearted activists visiting your hometown. You can host on your couch, floor or in a guest room.

It’s easy to sign up, simple to use, and makes a huge impact:


Find a local host – it’s sustainable and affordable

Homesharing is one of the most sustainable and low-cost forms of accommodation. It’s an opportunity to meet new people and help build the movement.

COP15 guest with her hosts, Copenhagen, 2009

Our mission

The Climate Homestay Network is a sustainable homesharing community built by and for the climate justice movement. It aims to mobilise host networks to support mobilisations around the world. It was originally made for COP26 in Glasgow – where we hosted 1,696 activists from 127 countries over two weeks.

Accommodation is either free or fairly-priced to cover the host’s costs. The small booking fee of just $1 per night goes towards keeping the community running.

126,896 kg CO2 emissions and 2,768,640 litres of water saved


Mobilise a new city

Are you organising an event or mobilistation that needs accommodation support? Get in contact and we can help you set the Climate Homestay Network up in your city.


Find answers to some of the more frequent questions about the Climate Homestay Network here and in our customer support area.

What measures are in place to ensure the safety of those taking part in the network as hosts and guests?
The Homestay network platform has been designed to allow communication between hosts and guests ahead of the stay and we encourage people to chat ahead of accepting bookings, or making bookings and then to set up a zoom or other online face to face conversation ahead of the stay.
We verify participants in the network via bank details and encourage people to upload further ID to the platform.  

Whilst Human Hotel has built up considerable experience and expertise ensuring the safety of users on public platforms, we have created an additional set of safety and safeguarding policies and procedures to ensure that this platform is as safe as it can be.

Read our full safety guidelines and requirements here.

How do I ensure fire safety?

Please read our Fire Safety Guidance in order to ensure that everyone stays safe.

How can ensure my personal safety?

Please read our Personal Safety Guidance in order to ensure your safety when using the platform. 

I don't have a spare room, can I still get involved?

Absolutely! You can list a couch or crash space for those who are comfortable sharing space.

What are the terms and conditions?

We keep things simple and straightforward for our guests and hosts. Read further our full Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Why are there booking fees even though the hosts are free?

The $1 per night fee goes towards server costs, maintenance, ongoing development, support, communication, and the many other costs that come with offering this service.

Who we are

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland is a civil society coalition who have been campaigning together on climate change since 2007. We have over 60 members including environment NGOs, community groups, development charities, unions, and faith and belief groups.

The COP26 Coalition is a civil society coalition made of groups and individuals from a range of constituencies in Scotland and the rest of the UK, including trade unions, direct action networks, climate justice groups, environment and development NGOs, faith groups, youth, migrant and racial justice networks.

Human Hotel is a creative studio that strives to build real human connections. We began life by finding housing for over 3000 activists in Copenhagen for the COP15 in 2009.

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