We’re a home sharing community on a mission to maximize meaningful meetings.

We live by these 6 community principles.

Sustainable Tourism

Since COP15 in 2009 we’ve been fighting for the climate. Staying with one of our local hosts will reduce your CO2 emissions by more than 80%, and your energy usage by 70% compared to staying in an average hotel.*

Climate Solidarity

We were born out of the climate movement and will always support it. When surge prizing capitalize on the high need for housing during large mobilizations, we do the opposite and help hosts support activists with below-market solidarity prices.

Social Impact

We believe homesharing has a social potential much greater than simple subletting and we aim to foster new human meetings and forms of sharing and collaboration in our community.

Data for Good

We use your data to connect you with like-hearted humans and opportunities that can benefit you and your surrondings. We will never sell your data to anyone. Period.

Embrace Differences

Human Hotel is a community for and by all races, gender identities, sexual orientations, and ethnicities. We treat each other with respect and without bias.

No Professional Landlords

Professional landlords drive up rental prices and destroy neighborhoods. Human Hotel only allows real people hosting in private homes.