Stay with like-hearted hosts

Co-live with hosts who share your interests and values.

Find the community sharing your values

Choose from our wide selection of hosts involved in different communities around the world.

Meet like-hearted hosts

Meet hosts who are not only a good match for your mind, but also for your heart.

Support local communities

This is homesharing, not home-hoarding.

Have a positive impact on the communities you visit, rather than supporting private landlords who drive up rent prices and hoard property.

Reduce your impact on the environment

Staying with a local host can reduce your CO2 emissions by more than 80%, and your energy usage by 70% compared to staying in an average hotel.*


Find answers to some of the more frequent questions here and in our customer support area. 

What are the terms and conditions?

We keep things simple and straightforward for our guests and hosts. Read further our full Terms or Use and Privacy Policy to get a better understanding.

How does it work during Covid-19?

You can read our article on Covid-19 policies here.

What are the trust & safety initiatives?

You can read about our Host Trust Guarantee initiative here.

How do I start hosting?

You can start hosting by joining Human Hotel, uploading and publishing your host space on our paltform. 

What is curated matching?

Curated matching is our concierge service for our matching guests and hosts, and guests to members when traveling. 

We’re Humans, Not Hotels

We believe in the power of human connections to inspire and transform. That’s why we put people at the centre of of everything we do.

Human Hotel aims to make the world a fairer, more empathic place – one meeting at a time.

« My first stay with Human Hotel was in NYC and I have just recently extended my second stay in Berlin because I’m finding the experience is so enriching. »



Casey Kelbaugh / Rae Wilson