Meet inspiring guests and get paid for it

We value human connections over amenities, so don’t stress.


Why host
—with Human Hotel?

· Host fellow members and get paid for it

· Stress-free hosting – you’re not a hotel so don’t act like one

· We like human friction and memorable interaction


We know that both you and your guest are busy people – so all we ask of you is to share one meaningful meeting. Start with a curious question, like:

“Should a demonstration always be peaceful?”  

“Have you ever felt you knew someone the first time you met them?”

How do we create social spaces that nourish co-creation and solidarity rather than individuality and ownership?

Share your own questions over a cup of tea. It’s easy – and it’s the stuff memories are made of.


Great guests heading your way

Ka Tai

Hong Kong, HK


Film Critic
Cambridge, UK


Lighting Designer & Artist
Braunschweig, DE

Platform features

Booking Calendar

  • Block dates you can’t host
  • Set min. & max. nights for stays
  • Set your ‘Notice Time’ and ‘Booking Window’ for how soon and far into the future guests can book your space.

Instant Bookings

Allow guests to instantly book by choosing “Open Door”

Syncing Calendars

Import your calendars from Homeaway, Airbnb, etc. into Human Hotel to prevent double bookings

Public vs. Members-Only

Be visible to anyone (public) or just to members who have a complete and curator-reviewed profile

Publish or Unpublish

Keep your space published online or unpublish to take it offline and save your info

Email List

Receive extra opportunities to host or meet-up with our members in your hometown by joining our email list


Pricing & Discounts

  • Set your own nightly price
  • Offer weekly and monthly % discounts for longer stays
  • Include extra guest / cleaning fees


Connect your bank account to your host profile (via Stripe) to receive payments directly from your guests, with no extra fees! (Payouts arrive 24hrs. after the day  your guest leaves. We’re working on getting payouts to hosts sooner. Stay tuned!)

Cancellation Policies

Choose among 3 policies for when a guest cancels: OPEN, FAIR, FIRM

No Extra Fees

We don’t charge our hosts extra fees from their bookings

Insurance Coverage

Our Host Insurance Fund will reimburse eligible hosts for property damages up to $10,000 (USD)

24/7 Support

Our team ready to assist you 24/7 via