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Host guests who share your interests and values.

Host like-hearted guests

Receive guests and roommates who share your interests and values. 

Be human, not a hotel

We expect our hosts to be natural, respectful and authentic to themselves and to their guests. There’s therefore no pressure for hosts to act like a hotel room.

Earn money while reducing CO²

Get paid for hosting great guests, help reduce our global CO² footprint and support Sustainable Tourism

Host guests in your space

Living room

Guest room

Creative residency

How it works



Upload the space you want 
to host guests in



Approve booking requests and get paid out directly



Host like-hearted guests and share new meaningful experiences


Find answers to some of the more frequent questions here and in our customer support area. 

What are the terms and conditions?

We keep things simple and straightforward for our guests and hosts. Read further our full Terms or Use and Privacy Policy to get a better understanding.

How does it work during Covid-19?

You can read our article on Covid-19 policies here.

What are the trust & safety initiatives?

You can read about our Host Trust Guarantee initiative here.

How do I start hosting?

You can start hosting by joining Human Hotel, uploading and publishing your host space on our paltform. 

What is curated matching?

Curated matching is our concierge service for our matching guests and hosts, and guests to members when traveling. 

Great guests heading your way

Copenhagen, DK

Camille — Curator

Moscow, RU

Ivan — Artist

Stockholm, SE

Aleksandra — Designer


We know that both you and your guest are busy people – so all we ask of you is to share one meaningful meeting. Start with a curious question, like:

«Should a demonstration always be peaceful?»

Share your own questions over a cup of tea. It’s easy – and it’s the stuff memories are made of.


Maria Ionova-Gribina