Join us at

World Congress of Architects 2023 Copenhagen

Welcome to Archistay!
A curated community to connect – architect to architect – meet, and stay together when Copenhagen is hosting the World Congress of Architects in July 2023.


Connect with architects from all over the world

Open your home to like-hearted architects and creatives when Copenhagen receives more than 10.000 guests at the World Congress of Architects.

You can host on your couch, in a guest room, or an entire home.

It’s easy to sign up, simple to use, and offers priceless connections.


Stay sustainably with a local host

Archistay gives you access to sustainable and cheap accommodation and the opportunity to experience Copenhagen guided by your local host.


What measures are in place to ensure the safety of those taking part in the network as hosts and guests?
The Archistay homestay network has been designed to allow communication between hosts and guests ahead of the stay and we encourage people to chat ahead of accepting bookings, and then to set up a zoom or other online face to face conversation ahead of the stay.
We verify participants in the network via bank details and encourage people to upload further ID to the platform.
What are the terms and conditions?

We keep things simple and straightforward for our guests and hosts. Read further our full Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

How much does it cost?

Hosts set their own prices, but we’ve set out a guide and price-caps to ensure fair pricing:

Shared Room
100-150 DKK per night

Private Room
200-350 DKK per night

Entire Home
400-500 DKK per night

Archistay is an independent, curated homestay network built by the Danish Association of Architects for the UIA World Congress of Architects 2023 Copenhagen.

This community has been created in order to forge new networks and connections between architects and creatives from all over the world, and to offer a socially and environmentally sustainable accommodation solution.