Talking climate solutions and sustainable fashion with Tilde Grynnerup

Artist and sustainable fashion designer Tilde poses with her favourite climate change slogan. Image: Tilde Grynnerup

Clothing and textiles is one of the planet’s most prolific and profitable industries. It needn’t be inherently damaging, but fast-fashion has taken over the world in the last few decades – and that is the exact opposite of sustainable living.

Is it possible to merge the ever-changing multibillion-dollar clothing industry and its need for fashionable outfits with sustainability? Copenhagen-based artist and designer Tilde Grynnerup believes so.


If the question is: who is going to save us? The answer is: We are.

Tilde told us that if she had to wear just one outfit for the rest of her life, she would have no doubts: “It would definitely be this. While we wait for the politicians to get serious, I have made a Solar Heat Reflective Anti Climate Change Jacket. The Jacket reflects the sun’s heat back into space and thereby cooling earth, reducing global warming. We just need 7.8 billion people to wear the jacket at the same time (it’s funny but it’s not). The scientists all agree, every small act has an impact as long as we are many. To organize, act, and vote green. Because if the question is, who is going to save us? The answer is: We are.”


Solar Heat Reflective Anti Climate Change Jacket. Image: Tilde Grynnerup

Tilde works across different media and styles such as textile, wood, installation, conceptual, photography, and film. “I choose whichever medium expresses my vision the best, and work without limitations. I like to explore. As Meret Oppenheim said “Nobody will give you freedom. You have to take it”.

“Having spent a decade writing songs, and another decade working with fashion, I create works of art, combining words and textiles. And having grown up with the inherited craftsmanship skills from my carpenter father, woodwork is like family.

In her work, Tilde addresses feminism a lot. She refers to it as “equality and the freedom of being“, and that subject is constant in her work. Driven by social indignation and a general curiosity about people and life, “my artwork usually aims to communicate a thought or a feeling. Something true and profound. I wonder a lot. Creating art gives me relief. Especially when using humor. Hopefully, it provides a little relief to others too. We are, after all, not alone.


Image: Tilde Grynnerup

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