This is the only shop where you can buy a new life

The New Life Shop in Berlin: co-founder Sixten shares his memories of this unique Wooloo art project and the enduring friendships it sparked. Image: Wooloo/Human Hotel

It all began back in Berlin in the summer of 2005.
We had cleared our studio completely and turned it into a conceptual art space called “New Life Shop”.
The only thing present was a lightbox with a menu card showing various “New Life” options. 

Nobody entered the gallery. For months it was silent, Until one day this special guy stepped in @tchomskyhonk and said “This has to be a conceptual art project”. We laughed a bit together. We had an immediate connection, good vibes, creativity and soon we began working together on projects. 

In 2010 we bought a small rabbit farm @3rabbitsfarm in the countryside of Portugal. It was a ruin and we spend the following 10 years rebuilding the farm and planting permaculture inspired wild garden. I spent as much time as possible together with Randy, surfing & gardening. Regarding home-sharing, this guy is just about the most hospitable, generous, and creative host you will find. If you are going to Portugal and want to participate you are always welcome to write to us.

— Sixten, co-founder, Human Hotel.

  • Visit Berlin, where the New Life Shop was created and get lost in its infinite beer lists, gigantic bookshops, and hippie cultural events.

  • Visit Copenhagen, Sixten’s home and the city where Human Hotel was founded and come say hi at our headquarters for more exciting homesharing stories!

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