What does it mean to be a true leader?

We spoke with Copenhagen artist Lizette Blanche Hagström about what true leadership means. Image: Lizette Blanche Hagström

Hierarchy is something we are all subjected to at some point in our lives. Hierarchies can be found everywhere and unless we are at the top of one, we have to follow somebody else’s lead. Defining the features of a leader is however more complex than it seems, as there is no set of rules a leader should follow to efficiently lead a group. In other words, merely having the duty of leading does not make a great leader. 

Our community member Lizette says: “I believe those who lead, have an aspect and energy to accumulate the creating power within other human beings, mirroring the infinite possibilities the world holds. Whereas a leader, can be holding only one purpose, such as the solely power/authority to direct people in a very specific direction, which (mostly) only the leader benefits from.”

Image: Lizette Blanche Hagström

During her two decades in Copenhagen, Lizette enjoyed hundreds of meaningful meetings and interactions whilst sharing her apartment. Having recently moved out of the city with her musician partner, Lizette is developing an artist residence @blanche_productions_studio on the North coast of Sealand, where artists and musicians can create work in a space without disturbance. The space is open for projects, co-working, and artist talks for the surrounding community. 
Inspired by the ideas of the sharing-economy, the thought that we shouldn’t just buy up physical spaces for our own use occurred to Lizette: “It makes no sense, as an artist, not to share your space – AND co-work throughout the world.

I believe that art and artists have a unique ability to absorb the present energy, and from that develop a specific essence, that an audience can benefit from at any time. A lot is moving in the world: opinions, new ways of living, opposing directions.

Image: Lizette Blanche Hagström

  • Visit Denmark, one of the few constitutional monarchies of Europe and home of Lego and world-renown Lupark butter. Don’t forget to pack you bike, however ;)!

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