The future of feminism is the total breakdown of gender barriers, hopes Brooklyn artist Jody Wood

Brooklyn-based artist Jody Wood in the studio. She shared her thoughts on the future of feminism with us.
Image: Jody Wood

It is well known that gender parity is not real in our world (hopefully, not real yet). The feminist movement has been taking the world by storm since Emmeline Pankhurst’s times, but we are still very far from perfect equality. Unfortunately, the gender gap, despite the many pieces of evidence that prove its existence in almost every sector of the society, is not a thing for many. An apparently simple question as ‘Do you consider yourself a feminist?’ can therefore have much more interesting answers than you could expect!

Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artist and community host Jody has a clear view on the topic. Does she consider herself a feminist? “The short answer is yes, the long answer is that I see the future of feminism as breaking down barriers between genders and seeing gender as fluid and liminal. I hope we can get to a place where we don’t have to put people or ourselves in categories and boxes. But I also feel strongly that violence and oppression against women are not talked about enough today. Since gender-based violence often happens as emotional abuse or in private spaces without video evidence, I think it can be overlooked. But I feel like we are taking some steps in the right direction.

Image: Jody Wood

Jody is an artist working in video, performance, social practice, and service design. A lot of her work partners with homeless shelters, and projects that resist stigmas surrounding poverty. “I’m interested in finding ways we can care for each other as a community outside of institutions, crossing socioeconomic borders, and getting out of our social bubbles. In fact, I usually travel for a project or residency a couple times per year.”

In her recent project,, an interactive website, a low-barrier platform that directly connects those in need with those who can help using a format according to zip code. “We promote lateral caregiving whereby participants can be in need and helping at the same time.

  • Visit New York City, the vivacious set of some of the most iconic movies and tv series in history and home to one of the wildest real estate markets in the world!
  • Stay at Jody’s enourmous apartment and enjoy the great music of the Dog Theather, just a few blocks away, and the fresh fruits and vegetables you can buy every weekend at the farmer’s market of Prospect Park.

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