“When love isn’t a motivator, things become difficult” – Patricia Tudosa tells us about the best decision she’s ever made

Patricia’s artwork is the product of a huge life change – the best decision she’s ever made. Image: Patricia Tudosa

Art is often considered a form of love and some artists actually turn what they do into a safe place they can shelter in during times of difficulty. Artists pour their love and emotions into their works and use those to keep themselves busy. Sometimes, instead, poeple keep themselves busy completely dedicating to somebody else and offering this person the maximum affection and care possible. Either way, sometimes these are just solutions to escape from self-confrontation and personal analysis.

Romanian-born (and raised) and now New York City-based artist Patricia thinks this is exactly the case: “Too often, yes. But love is at the heart of existence and we seek it because we’re meant to seek it. Think about an object that you treasure and one that’s merely useful. Loving something makes all the difference. When love is not a motivator, things become difficult. Getting to know oneself and loving that person is one of life’s most difficult and most rewarding things. And because it is difficult, many will seek out romantic love instead. But if you don’t love yourself, you won’t love anyone else. You’ll merely want them for selfish reasons, and that serves its own purpose.

Image: Patricia Tudosa

The big loves of Patricia’s life are books, art, politics, justice, and knowledge, along with a handful of people. “Two years ago life changed dramatically as I decided to leave the US and backpack for a year. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever taken. Since I’ve been back, I have been unable to stop painting.” which has turned into her job as well. However, most of the professional career she spends doing politics and human rights. In her current project, she is mapping out the foster care systems for a philanthropic firm. 

Her life is quite interesting too: she was born and raised in Romania; lived in the US for 20+ years then got really worried about the current state of the world (who isn’t?) and decided to go work in politics. She has then traveled most continents and has started painting, but she has never really given up the desire of changing our world for the better through politics. She does consulting in the meantime, “at least until my paintings pay for her bills” – she explains. She also reads, writes, goes to museums, goes to Coney Island to see the waves at any time of the year (it’s only 20 minutes from her place), hangs out on her rooftop on warm days, drinks, thinks, talks to anyone who has something interesting to say and watches a lot of science videos.

Her current client is a philanthropic firm and she is mapping out the foster care system for them (ask her about it…or not!).

Patricia and her artwork. Image: Patricia Tudosa

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