Building sustainable futures through co-living and shared spaces

Coliving spaces – embedding sustainability, community, and wellbeing
Images: Matthew Lesniak @consciouscolivingteam

What does the future of coliving look like?

“Coliving spaces have emerged over the past few years offering community and convenience. However, the sector has not reached its full potential in tackling loneliness, over-consumption, and the environmental crisis.”

Matthew has co-founded  Conscious Coliving @consciouscolivingteam, a spatial and experience design consultancy that embeds sustainability, community, and wellbeing into new and existing co-living projects.

Supporting new and existing co-living ventures to enhance their impact, community, design, and operations, they have developed The Conscious Coliving Manifesto, an open-source framework that allows you to embed sustainability, wellbeing, and community into your community. Their end to end consultancy services helps coliving projects embed sustainability and impact into the core of their business models.


‘The Conscious Coliving Manifesto V.3’ under our manifesto and ‘Matt Lesniak at a mastermind at Coconat, a coliving space outside of Berlin’
Images: Matthew Lesniak @consciouscolivingteam

We got in touch with him to share his meaningful exchanges while staying at with Human Hotel host Ralf and his young family in Berlin “We had a lovely home-cooked meal with the parents and they told all about the history of East Berlin and shared a ton of great tips for the area. It was the first time in a while that I had an authentic connection with a homeshare host.”

Seeing his life in a new light during his stay, Matthew really appreciated the return to the ‘HUMAN’ aspect of home-sharing. “The service from Human Hotel was personal and consistent and the guests I stayed with and their homes were cozy and always friendly. I often recommend Human Hotel to my friends as THE best home-sharing platform. It made me think of how I would host people in the future and what home means and what it means to invite people in a home.”

  • Visit Berlin and dive into enriching history, explore the many faces of this multifaceted city.

  • Collaborate with Conscious Coliving, an experience and spatial design consultancy supporting coliving ventures to enhance their operations, communities, and impact.

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