‘New Life Berlin’ was an art project, until the birth of my first baby gave it a whole new meaning.

Wooloo art projects from their Berlin years leading up to the birth of Human Hotel / Wooloo co-founder Sixten’s first baby.
Images: Wooloo / Human Hotel

We were living in Berlin and my girlfriend had just given birth to our first daughter. It was a crazy time. Still partying and following our dreams, now just with a baby on the arm.


We all lived together with the rest of our artist collective in a big apartment on Torstrasse and I remember being woken up at night when people returned home, totally wasted, from Watergate or Berghain or one of the other clubs.


One night, Joshua, our young programmer puked so loudly in the room next to us that my girlfriend gave me a look I’ll never forget. It was time to move and maybe even change.

Human Hotel Co-founder Sixten, partner Lene and daughter Lucca. Berlin, 2006
Image: Sixten

We knew no one in Berlin with kids, but one evening at a random art opening I saw this gorgeous girl with her small baby. I went straight over and introduced myself and said “Hey! you need to meet my girlfriend. She needs a mom friend”.


It was a bit awkward for sure and it took some time to convince Sophie. But it was the beginning of a lifelong friendship with her Nathan, Steven, and the kids.

10 years later Lucca & Talulah in Portuguese mud. Portugal, 2016
Image: Sixten

I treasure my years in Berlin, a good chapter. I loved the city, the electronic music scene, the experimentation – and all the space! But it was really these few humans we met and bonded with that had the strongest impact on our lives.


After returning to Copenhagen, we have made an effort to see each other every year. Those babies are now teenagers and hanging out on their own.


Maybe someday we will all relocate to Portugal together and grow our hair and garden wild.


– Sixten, co-founder

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