How Nathan Langston united 1000 creators across 2 million kilometres on one project

The TELEPHONE project launch party in NYC, celebrating the beginning of a game linking creators across the world
Photo: Nathan Langston

Do you remember playing Telephone as a child? Whispering a message to the kid next to you, who then passed it on. Until, finally, a completely altered message becomes the collective result!   Nathan Langston, Seattle host and curator, invites you and the Human Hotel community  to take part in an art version of Telephone. In this game, the message is whispered from art form to art form, so a painting becomes a poem, and then a film, and then music, and so on.

Map/visualisation of the connections between participants in a previous version of the TELEPHONE project.
Image: Nathan Langston / Telephone

Human Hotel host Casey at the launch party. Photo: Nathan Langston / Telephone

So far, about 300 creators have signed up from 40 countries and we’ve passed the message about 1,614,371 kilometers or a million miles. Nathan expects the final exhibition of these interconnected works will include 500 to 1000 artists – and we would love to have you play!

Guests holding a signed copy of a news article about the project at the launch party. Photo: Nathan Langston / Telephone

You can read about the  last game, published 5 years ago, in the New York Times, Hyperallergic, La Nacion, and see the previous exhibition here. If you’d like to sign up to be a part of this year’s game then just hit the button below!

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