Community building in NYC through photography and shared experience

Newsletter Article #34

Photography provides an opportunity for intimate shared experiences. We’re building our NYC community based on these shared moments.

The Human Hotel community in NYC is growing! We’ve moved into an apartment in the East Village and teamed up with some talented local photographers – helping us portray each unique New Yorker host through a personal photoshoot of them in their home.

For those of you in NYC this month, you’re invited to an intimate concert and community gathering on Wednesday, March 18th in our new East Village residence.

You can also apply for a free photoshoot with one of our like-hearted photographers. Or share these opportunities with a friend in NYC.

Portrayed in your own home

Curated Photoshoots

Free photoshoots for New Yorkers

We’ve spend the last 4 months recruiting a young and talented group of local photographers who are helping us and our hosts push the boundaries of what host portrait looks like. Below are examples of the most recent photos from our newest NYC hosts.

If you have an inspiring and hospitable friend in NYC interested in a host feature – please invite them to book a free shoot!

We look forward to capturing their distinct personalities, like we’ve done with the ones below.

Photos by Shulian Nell

Photos by Shane Timm

Photos by Shulian Nell

Our talented photography team


Meet Azumi, Maria, Shane, Jasmine, Jared, Marissa, Shulian and Yu Ting, our amazing team of NYC photographers portraying community hosts in their homes.

The Concert: Reproducing a stolen work

A community event

The Story

On March 18th, 1990, Vermeer’s masterpiece The Concert was stolen from a Boston museum in the single highest value property theft of all time. The painting has never been recovered and is most likely hanging in a private home out of public sight.

A destiny eerily similar to most other art objects absorbed by the collector market. 30 years on to the day of the theft – on March 18th, 2020 – Human Hotel forgets the high-value object and looks at the painting: Who are those three humans playing a concert?

The Event

Set in the wake of the Armory week art fairs – essentially shopping sprees for beautiful objects – we want to explore the power of collaboration beyond the art market.

You are invited to join us for a curated evening of matchmaking, music, and conversation.

(This event has been cancelled due to COVID-19)



NYC Featured Host

Our NYC champion 

Casey is our new Community Manager in NYC – and you can stay with him (and join us for lunch!) at his fun East Village apartment, right in the middle of everything. “I am a New York City-based photographer and the local Community Manager of Human Hotel here in the city. I’m also the founder of Slideluck, a non-profit organization dedicated to building and strengthening community through food and art. Since, 2000, I’ve been the director and chief curator for these productions in over 100 cities worldwide.”

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